Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bhopal Fake Encounter: Dare To Question

“The key to wisdom is this; constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.” This is what   Peter Abelard, a 11th century French philosopher and theologian who is also described as ‘the keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th Century’ said about ‘questioning’. Nowadays, when Questioning itself has been labeled as an Immoral act, one can understand the need and importance of this ‘art’ which is only way to find truth. What we have seen in this recent encounter of Bhopal, in which 8 under trials were killed isn’t something new. Anything new in the encounter is that the social media remained abuzz with the videos which came to limelight showing the way all those under trial prisoners were killed in broad day light.Be it New Delhi, UP, Gujarat, Kashmir, North-East, Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra, Telengana, or Bhopal, the Film title may be different but the script remains same with the same set of actors.
However, these videos and tapes aired by various sites again leave ambiguity about the intent of releasing all such things in full media glare. Whether these videos and audio tapes were recorded and subsequently released with intent to satisfy the collective conscience of those people who celebrate every death from a particular community or was it a security lapse, one is still wondering? But whatever it may be, this fake encounter (which it seems as of now) has once again brought to national limelight the controversial issue of extra judicial killings being carried out by various State police and other forces like the Army and the paramilitary forces, which are raised time and again by various civil liberties and justice seeking groups of country. After seeing the videos and while listening to the conversations between police officials involved in this so called encounter, it leaves no doubt that killing under trial Muslim prisoners in the name of “encounter” has become the policy of the  government. Their trial was near to completion and they had chances of acquittal from the court, but the state did not want them to be acquitted so they chose them, made plans, scripted and staged drama, killed and then named it as encounter. On this whole episode of planned killing, the government of the day both at center and in state is busy in sermonizing citizens about how immoral is questioning the police and security forces.  
There are already many important questions being asked on this alleged Jailbreak & Fake Encounter some of which are:

Is it possible for the prisoners to scale over 30 feet high wall of the most secure jail in MP?As the jail is equipped with the 7 tier Security System of International Standards.8 people killed were in Two blocks - A& B, too far from each other. If one group killed a constable and escaped what about the other group? How were the weapons accessible to them? Biased statements on whether or not they had weapons? "Weapons" like Spoons and Plates according to home minister and police were used to kill a policeman. Is it possible that a policeman was attacked inside a jail and  no one else tried to stop them? Blanket used to climb the wall does not reach the top of the hi-wall. And there is no place on the wall where the blanket can be hooked. All of them were wearing neat & colorful dresses - Jeans T-Shirt, Coat, watch, shoes etc. which are not allowed in central jails(however, such things are only  allowed to wear while shifting to other jails or while going to court).How did they get new clothes, watches and bands? If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn’t they get a vehicle to escape? Why no policeman was injured in the retaliation of encounter? Why were the CCTVs not functioning? Why were all of them KILLED when they had no lethal weapons? Why not even one of them has been taken alive so that co-conspirators if any could be unmasked with evidence? How come all of them moved together rather than dispersing and couldn’t go considerably further in eight hours? Also, The encounter took place at a time and place where there were no witnesses apart from police personnel. According to the lawyer of the accused, the case against his clients was very weak and there was every likelihood that they would be acquitted soon. Why would anyone escape from prison knowing well about his acquittal? Why was the statement issued from Kiran Rijuji - State Minister for Home affairs, ordering not to question the Administration and police about the whole event?

It is a matter of fact that killing of people in the name of “encounter” has become a policy of the government; instead of bringing them to justice the state is itself deciding who and when has to be killed sparing no space for the judiciary to provide justice. But, the much bigger concern is, When the under trials are killed by the state and police on the name of encounter, the last “Ray of Hope- judiciary” is always deaf and dumb on the impunity by the state and police. It makes the state and police neither accountable nor even questions as to how can the police kill the under trial prisoners who are in the judicial custody. The judiciary never takes any such killing as suo motu case and never runs any trial against the killers. Recently Chief Justice of India had cried and rightly so on the large amount of cases pending & vacancies in the courts. But it is a matter of sad affairs that not even a single word has come from his mouth on the killing of human beings in the name of encounter.
Nowadays, when the attention of whole India has been diverted by demonetization, let us not stop, let us ask questions and let us strive for Justice.
As Albert Einstein has rightly said ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.’ 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Missing Najeeb and our Silence

#WhereIsNajeeb?, the only question every justice loving human being is asking nowadays?
Yesterday, while I had gone to Delhi along with other students of AMU to extend our solidarity with the mother of Najeeb, who is waiting for her son to return alive since last 11 days. Honestly speaking, we had nothing to offer to her except the words: “We too are your Sons and You are not alone in this fight.” And what else could we do or could have done? I guess nothing.Nothing, else than consoling her, telling her that we too share her grief and will continue with our efforts to seek justice for Najeeb and  Najeeb is also our brother. Remember, she is a mother and every conscious soul could understand the pain of that mother who spoke to her son an hour before but on reaching his room , couldn’t find him. The pain she is undergoing can never be summed up in words. I was there to satisfy my own conscience, but the pain I have felt while seeing her is what made me to write this.
When we met her, she was all broken, with tears rolling down her cheeks continuously and in murmuring voice chanting the name of her Missing Son, Najeeb. Her only question is, Where Is Najeeb? And she continues to plead everyone meeting her, in her weak and fallen voice, Bring Him Back and I will take him with me. Since the 11th day has passed and there is no progress in this case despite the widespread protests in JNU, AMU , JMI and other universities. Therefore question is (and must be), are such protests going to bear any results?

According to my own belief, Protests alone can’t do anything and protest is not only to “march on roads”, but protest can be registered in any form viz- march, human chain, Poster making, poetry, writings, sloganeering, voice messages etc. And today when we are living in the times of social media,  Facebook and twitter is the best options if you don’t want to leave the comfort of the rooms or waste much energy in writing long articles. And also I believe, protest March or Sit-ins are only successful when all forms of protest are made simultaneously by people in their own capacities. We can neither expect everyone to come on roads and walk three or four kilometers on foot or lay on ground for days nor can we expect everyone to write long pieces, but, we can at least expect it from everyone to remain protesting for any genuine cause, until the justice is not delivered, in any form which he/she deems suitable and possible.
Coming back to Najeeb and the stories cooking about his sudden disappearance. While interacting to the students and scholars who had come from JNU in protest march at Jantar Mantar, it was clear that the protesting Student are actually divided into two groups. One which believes, Najeeb is alive and has been deliberately abducted by some forces to do politics on this issue and the second, which believes that Najeeb is no more alive. While no one  among the people whom I spoke, directly named any  ideological students organization for the deliberate abduction, but their target was evident when , they were presenting their version of  details of events. And those who believed in the second version were seeming concerned and were ‘wishing him to be alive’, and were actually there to pressurize the administration and government to book the culprits belonging to a particular organization. Read also: http://m.firstpost.com/india/najeeb-row-jnusu-should-have-taken-an-impartial-stand-and-not-side-with-assaulters-3066358.html

While listening to all these details, I was quiet, confused and wondering as how could anyone play such a cheap politics with a Mother. But as perceived generally, everything is fair is politics and in a country where Akhlaq’s lynching has happened because of his identity, anything can happen.
But the concern is how long it will take us to rise from the slumbers? Everyone knows the reason of attack on Najeeb. Najeeb became a soft target because he  belonged to a particular community having a different identity which actually is considered a threat.But, Where are the leaders of that community who rose to such a stardom only, because of their identity? Where are those people who perceive ‘the community’ as its vote bank? The reality is that Najeeb has no political affiliation and his parents are not used to any political thing. They are broken and are worried only for Najeeb’s safety, seeking help from any one believing in ‘justice’ while most people are either silent or are busy in their politics over the issue.
JNUSU is leading the fight for Najeeb and rightly so, but where is AMUSU?
AMU has not only a long tradition of standing with the oppressed but its foundation is based on the principle of justice and empowerment. Najeeb is an AMU alumnus, a minority member and a student. keeping these three things in mind, it becomes paramount on all the justice loving students of Aligarh Muslim University students to rise above their difference and contribute in whatever form to seek justice for Najeeb. AMU students are the representatives of their community and today when the eyes of our own community are on AMU, we shouldn't let them down. Our silence is our weakness and let's try to overcome it.Imagine, It was not Najeeb,  It was anyone among our own family. Would we have been silent? I guess no. AMUSU had already sent a delegation to JNU to extend solidarity with the JNUSU and with the mother of Najeeb, a separate protest march was organized also in AMU by various students under AMUSU banner, around 50 students and alumni of AMU participated in the protest march at Jantar Mantar on 24th of this month, but is that enough?
I leave it to you and hope that you are remembering Najeeb and you too are concerned. Lastly, If we can’t do anything for him, we can at least remember him in our prayers and pray for his safety and immediate return.

Monday, 17 October 2016

A letter to fellow Proud Aligs

Dear fellow proud Aligs,
I had written these lines a day before 17th October (our founders birthday), but i thought not to disturb you amid your celebrations of SS day and most importantly for SS day dinner. Now, when the day long celebrations are over with special Dinner which I hope all of you would have enjoyed, I am posting it here. Hope you read this with utmost attention. 
At the times when the Muslims of India are facing the threat to their existence, the role of Institutions like AMU becomes many fold. The university which was established to raise the standards of Muslims of India, to bring them at par with other communities is almost dead now in terms of its larger objectives.We may have produced enough number of Graduates, postgraduates or Doctorates who may be working at good positions, but this university has failed to produce a social reformer/educationist who could have filled the vacuum left behind (on the death of Sir Syed) and who could have worked to awaken the community from deep slumbers. Aah!, what could be the fate of that community which brags only about the past, which in reality never belonged to it? Mercy, My lord!!
David Lelyveld in his essay for a book "Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: Muslim Renaissance Man" authored by professor A.R. Kidwai writes,
Sir Syed was the person who believed that there was no honour in being the unworthy heirs of a glorious past and that is why in later part of his life Sir Syed did not talk about in terms of genealogies but rather refer to social category identified as the Muslims of India but he was never dismissive about the past. David is not off the mark in asserting that the design of the Aligarh College buildings, which Sir Syed so meticulously oversaw, expressed continuities with the Mughal past along with a conscious effort to integrate that past to styles associated with the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge.
But what we are observing today in almost every speech ( whether by VC, PVC, professors or of any student ) is glamouring the past of AMU in such a way that no one feels any kind of need to look within, to rectify the mistakes which have denigrated this institution in every field.One must be proud of his/her past, but it needs to be understood that speaking good about the past only is not going to solve all the mysteries.
In today's times the AMU is going through a vulnerable phase;
the battle for Minority status of university is almost lost, the corruption in administration has touched the new records (almost there are 10 cases in various courts challenging the different appointments made by present administration), the academic standards are yet to be modernized, the research is meant for degrees only, the campus has turned the security garrison, there is deficiency of funds from UGC, and most importantly, when a day marked to celebrate the birthday of our university's beloved Founder experiences three different "Sit in's" at different places in university, one can easily guess How good is Mission of Sir Syed accomplished.
And when a central university established for the welfare of particular minority is facing such kind of problems within, one can also easily guess the Fate of that community in such times. Sir Syed has done his job, but whether the objectives of his work are being fulfilled or not is a big question. To mark his 199th birthday, the biggest tribute to his soul would be to 'raise offensive questions' within and outside because, it was Sir Syed himself who has left this legacy of "Questioning" behind.
Allama Iqbal (R.A) while commenting about the legendary work of Sir Syed (R.A) said;
"The real greatness of the man (Sir Syed) consists in the fact that he was the first Indian Muslim who felt the need of fresh orientation of Islam and worked for it."
Therefore, only speaking good about Him that too for a single day is not going to make us "Proud Aligs". we can't be hypocrites, we are answerable to Almighty Allah as what good have we done to this University.Joining this university only to get degrees is a disservice to the Founder and this institution.
Dear, Proud Aligs;
Remember, this Institution needs you now, don't let this institution die its unnatural death.This Institution is not a "Factory of Degrees", like any other university but a Movement aimed for social, economic, educational and religious upliftment of our community.
Read at least one book on "Sir Syed" or "Aligarh Movement" and then decide where are we nowadays?
Read, Think, Decide, Question and Work.
Let's be change. Let's make this institution a movement again.
Dear Aligs, remember, there are millions of our brethren who have pined their hopes on us, they unlike us are not as privileged to speak or write, but they are our part and we shall not forget them.
And don't ever think that we are helpless and hence can do anything,see what Syed had said a long before;
We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power… the battle, is not to the strong alone it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”
lastly, here is what Syed believed, will raise the honour and respect of our community:
"I hope you will try to set an example in both scholarly pursuits and the practice of Islam. Only then will our community be honored and respected".
Let us pledge to follow the teachings of Sir Syed in letter and spirit keeping in mind the sacrifices and hardwork, he has made for our betterment.
let us rise above our personal differences, and work for the betterment of whole humanity and for our community in particular.
Let us understand the immense transformative power of education,which  Sir Syed professed throughout his life, and work on his mantra of "dialogue and discussion" as a means of powerful resolving  to overcome our weaknesses and  differences.

With Love.
Mannan Wani
A proud Alig.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Press Conference of Handwara Girl:Some Important Questions

Handwara Minor Girl Addresses Press Conference,Watch:https://youtu.be/-Q6761piCH8Was i really waiting for that sister (yet in her teens) to come and sit in a press conference with her parents and then make the statements in her support or to clear the air?
The answer is clear "No".and i believe every sane person was like this.The simple question to those people who are always active to denigrate the image of such victims:
Are we yet unknown to the state machinery and its working?
Don't we remember Kunan Poshpora, handwara, Aasiya, Neelofar and those innumerable cases of rapes and molestation by these men in uniform followed by their protection by men in Khakis on the orders of the Babus, whose allegiance has always with the oppressor's constitution( Which BDW never existed in Occupation) and under the patronage of Pro-occupation politicians?
If we remember, then there is no point in writing the captions like, "truth has arrived"or something like that.Didn't we know truth?
What if this girl had not come up to speak like this in media?
What if she would have been made to succumb under pressure,(like she has herself revealed and we already know the tactic) to not reveal anything regarding the matter?
What if She had herself willingly not chosen to speak like she did?
or what if there was any other thing involved?
Should all these questions have bothered us?
No, the Big No!!
She is a teen girl and like other natives is living under the watch of 8 lakh armed men plus innumerable unarmed agents so this apparatus can do anything- anything means anything and we have also examples of that in our past.
Even God Forbid the story would have been other way, should that have made any difference?
No Never.
the simple fact is that we are living in an occupation and untill and unless this occupation is not rooted out, these things are bound to happen and will definitely happen under our nose.
Today it was that the daughter of those unfortunate parents, tomorrow it could be one among our own Kith and Kin, a sister, a daughter or a mother!!
What then, would we then also seek the confirmation of facts?
The other important thing to note in this whole episode is how the stooges of occupation who also happen to be natives don't leave anything to protect the interests of the occupier.
lastly, to seek a temporary justice from the institutions of occupation is also a tactic of the occupation to make the occupation strong.The occupier is happy till the day, oppressed seeks or demands any kind of justice from their institutions.
The people who have helped the distressed family are surely to be praised. May Almighty reward them for their genuine and selfless efforts.
But please have a look on the other side also;
Aren't we made to believe that there is a scope of justice in the institutions of Occupier or collaborator ( Special reference to that BBC Lady acting as CWC)?
This should also serve collective shame for our society that we despite knowing each and everything about occupier/collaborator are unable to differentiate between 'Occupation' and 'Human rights'.
Lastly, i know like myself most of us will share the video or the news links for the day and then will sleep until next incident happens- Saddest.
IS all done now?
Who will give justice to those parents who lost their flowers in this whole episode?
We are ourselves responsible for the mess.had not we sided with the collaborators time and again, we must have thrown this occupation out. but unfortunately, on one side we seek/talk of Aazadi but on the other side write the columns, ask for votes, praise the little efforts of collaborators,pass suggestions to them- All of which directly or indirectly leads to strengthen occupation.
P.S; It reminds me of Umair Gul who some months before had written, "Resistance cant be decorated bouquet of flowers when occupation is an ugly volley of bullets and pellets. The fact that occupation is multi-faceted, resistance can’t afford a monotonous luxurious response. This is war and documenting, historicizing and language building are just secondary exercises that complement actual fighting. War of positioning and war of manoeuvre are indeed two fronts, while mere positioning will yield little but strengthen an armed occupation, manoeuvring is primarily important".
P.P.S: May Almighty give the patience to the girl and her parents.
and Also may Allah accept and bless those five Souls wih highest Place in Jannah, who fought oppression/occupation and achieved martyrdom.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mobile Towers : Zov, Jigar & Jaan

In the midst of the Mobile tower Conspiracy, where there are arguments and counter arguments flowing from the both sides, but nevertheless the common masses seem enough intelligent to decipher the conspiracies hatched for all this drama, something has caught up my nose. Dealing with this crisis needs a brave heart, But the most interesting  thing in all this uncertain atmosphere is that only the modern bachas and buchis are really upset. According to the RTI filled by a activist  namely “Nakaam Aashik”, the state government has put up an estimates of 100 billions to be saved from the local, STD and night packs used by the Aashikhs and Mashooks for taking online  tuition classes from their beloved ones. “Being Baalyaar”, a social activist while giving the details of all this, made it clear that his NGO is going to collect the money from both Aashiks and Mashooks, which they use to recharge their cell phones on daily basis, to raise awareness among  the age old people of 70’s  and conservative youth of 90’s about the online tuition classes. He said, “ we are also going to launch a state wide campaign to smoothen the ralationships resulting from these online tutiuons, also we are going to bear all the burdens including the “Runaway” ceremony and “police saal” later . Meanwhile, according to the media reports, the PM of the occupational country has already declared it the national disaster. Briefing the media men, he said, “ youth are the assets of any  nation, we tried our best to inculcate among them the love for our nation, but we failed on two accounts.one that they used these facilities to mark their protests against us and the they went a step further to show it to the international media, secondly, we have got inputs that a large no of youth are getting audio tapes of Maulana Masood Azhar, that dreaded terrorist , and are slowly becoming his fans.so how can a the world’s largest democracy bare all this.  I express my deep condolences with all those Aashiqs and Mashooqs, who got caught in this whole tragedy, but I must assure them and the whole nation that we will not let them down, we will explore additional options like satellite phones, so that they may keep their business going, said a statement quoting PM of occupational country , Dharendra lodi.
Meanwhile, I talked with some Aashiqs and Mashooqs so that I can put their plight before general public.Suhanan chopra a victim, while talking about her ordeal broke down few times. How can I live without him, We used to talk for atlesat 18 hours in a day, I had put a monthly pack of 349 in my reliance sim card just before 3 days, that also went unused, said suhana while talking about his Jigar, “Cool Guy”.
Rude rebel, a boy with long hairs and shattered jeans having deep sighs with smoke puffs, said, say we are living a life of occupation, so these things happen, but we must not get pained. We have lived in the past by writing letters and waiting for their replies, so this is not a thing for which we need to protest.
Another, aashiq probably in his mid 30’s recalls his past, “ ours was a golden era, we used to write letters in the night and then wait eagerly for the dawn to send it to the other side, but these modern boys ruined our business”. We were educated and good in urdu, see these young guys, they even doesn’t know Kashmiri, all they know is fateechar English, he said in a bit of rage.
Showing his concern, the famous poet and writer, Zareefa ahmad Zareefa said, ‘see how they have captured the Pigeon, and are planning to send him to jail and try  him for ant national activities’.in spite of  knowing that the pigeon serves a messenger between two sacred souls, they tortured him, isn’t it a kind of injustice, he added further.
Adding fuel to the fire, the chief of the jihadi outfit,  T Gajendra Kumar, has declared the outfit named in this whole tragedy as “Lashkar –e- shaitan”, who have no affilation with his united gazab council.He in a press statement said, “  ours is a very civilized and legitimate organistion  and we are fighting a pious war for that we only believe in killing unarmed Youth who demand  aazadi,so people must affirm their faith in us.It is a ploy of the neighboring enemy to malign our image and struggle, we are investigating the whole matter and we hope we will crack this case in next century.”
Badnaseeb Drabu, a local government’s  economist and a fiancĂ©  minister, while putting all the speculations to an end, said in a press conference held today that “ we are going to announce a new policy for these online tuitions, so that our young generations may not suffer. After all it is the matter of global importance, how can we play with the careers of our youth, who have put up so much hard work and money to convey their message and then successfully made among the list of Aashiqs, he said.
Meanwhile in the wake of the shab’e Baraa’t, the grand mufti of Kashmir, Mufti peeran e peer had urged the whole community to make special prayers for these departed souls and hold the congregational fatheh khawani for the lashkare shaitan jihadis.But to his dismay the All Housewife Mothers Association (AHMA) has condemned his remarks and requested him to stay away from these matters.while talking to the writer, the spokesperson said, that it is the result of our prayers, we thank  Lashkar e Shaitan for this.these mobiles ruined the career of our children and also we had to bear the burden of making special packs available to them. 
The writer tried to contact the chief minister for his comments, but he refused to utter a word, saying this doesn’t lie in his jurisdiction and he holds only the portfolio of keeping silence and making development in his state.
The story doesn’t end here but limited time and limited space!
Actually it is the pain of those Aashiqs and Maashooqs, which I felt and tried to put before u so that they may not feel alienated in their families and amongst their friends.

Note: It is a satirical piece meant for entertainment, the names and the people quoted are all fake .

Friday, 15 May 2015

Collaborators:- yes Collaborators

Everybody isn't your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn't mean they're for you. Just because they say they got got your back, doesn't mean they won't stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn't live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day real situations expose fake people so pay attention. ‪#‎trentshelton‬
While writing with a pain, i have to disclose that this quote has find yet another believer in me, which i never was upto yesterday.
i have got the reasons why our leadership is not working under a single banner, if they are working for the same cause.
i have also got the reasons why we have developed a fatigue for our struggle.
I have got the reasons, why the establishment finds it easy to suppress our voices, even though we scream it loudly.
I have got the reasons, why the armed struggle was a complete failure, despite the Guerrillas were fighting with full vigor and noble intentions.
I have got the reasons, for why our sisters & mothers were raped by infidels?
I have got the answers of each and every question, for which the people of my nation are seeking answers,,,,,!
The answer is as simple as that, we have got our very own people as collaborators,,,,,! hadn't been this the reason, we would have achieved our goal a long before.,,,!
i am in noway talking about those who have openly hugged the traitorous path, but yes of those who claim to be the representatives of the greater cause.
They might be good writers, good orators, good bloggers, good debaters,good artists etc etc, but they never use their skills for the cause, they surely use them, only either to get a name fame, or to collaborate.
We have got the examples, like, Junaid matoo, Sajad lone, haseeb drabu,er rashid,amitabh matoo and others of their ilk,,,,,,,!
P.S : while i have predicted earlier that aligarh muslim university is going to produce many more abdullahs, muftis, sadiks, lones in near future, i add another one to my prediction list,,,,,AMU is going to produce the worst type of collaborators in very near future.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

An open letter to Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

“No man ought to be charged with principles he actually disowns, unless his practices contradict his profession; not upon small surmises”. (Jonathan Swift)


I am a common Kashmiri (say Aam Aadmi not in terms of Arvind Kejriwal but as Kashmiris say it,“bechour Koshur”) born in nineties wherein the Kashmiri armed struggle was at its peak. And I assume that I have inherited some communicable mentality from that period as a gift which draws my attention to the future of other common Kashmiris. After giving a long thought to this decision, whether to write it or not, I was reminded of the stories of the old Kashmir’s who curse themselves now on everyday for believing blindly perhaps the tallest leader of Kashmir after (as claimed by most of people) Sheikh Mohd Abdullah, who made us now what is called “bechour Koshur”. I must mention that it took a lot of courage for this common Kashmiri to address a person of high political background, seen that recently some columnists were threatened by some groups belonging to the political ideology as their opposite.But as I mention in the beginning that it is perhaps the same blood of nineties which invoked me for such step or perhaps my belief that I am also a stakeholder atleast to raise questions , if not issues, about my leadership, who had sustained on the blood of this bechour koshur.

Now coming on the main issue, i genuinely feel that as a common Kashmiri whose third generation has been made to suffer and has offered a huge bunch of sacrifices to be used only by our leaders(as it seems upto now), is forced to be in a mental frustrated stigma, from where, an escape seems to be an impossibility at least in near future.

With utmost humbleness and respects to your stature, my request is that it should be not taken as an artwork of your antagonists, rather should be seen through the prism of genuineness and mediocrity, which may help the mopping persons like me not for political vengeance but for conferring the fact & inhibiting the erectile dysfunction nowadays common for Kashmiris in lieu with our leadership.

Your recent press conference regarding the allegations made by SASG to some pro- freedom groups, which I personally believe was a direct reference to you, have made the oppressed nation especially youth which all of you claim to be the true representative of Kashmir in a state of divisive infatuation for SASG , which is pinching me,(seeing that all is not well).What should I call it ‘political Nepotism or ‘blind faith’ ? But I have the genuine reasons to feel so for the below mentioned reasons,which need clarification.

1. The tone of your words in the press conference was such a high that the one time ally and now your enemy Shabir Shah called it unwanted and objectionable.Being a chief cleric besides the Hurriyat leader it seams to me that some thing serious than chagrin has happened which made you to speak in such a raucous tone for first time ever since you have taken the responsibility of Hurriyat chief. Was it an accidental, emotional or well designed, the people like me are confused? For a short time you seemed to be a revanchist not a political and religious figure.

2. The usage of derogatory language against the Geelani sb, which I think is the most objectionableor unbearable for any pro freedom Kashmiri, makes one to think that the chief cleric of Kashmir wouldn’t have used this language for a simple reason. As every body noticed it, but the Irony in the part is that on one side you used the derogatory language against SASG and on the other side you maintained his dignity by calling him “Geelani Sb”, which got un noticed due to your high tone which is appreciable. But the question arises that is it justifiable for any person to make such usage that too for an aged leader who has championed the cause of kashmiris in every nook and corner by his every drop of blood?. Whether u agree or not , but I believe that most of Kashmiri population considers SASG as the protagonist of Kashmir cause and his words, as pious as their religious scriptures.so using such a language u have not only let your image down before the eyes of Kashmiris but hurt their sentiments by disrespecting their leader.

3. Then the facts you have tried to present by saying that “ whom does Geelani want to see now dead” raise serious vagueness in the mind of common Kashmiris.By your statement it seems that Geelani is the person behind the killings of the people in Kashmir.If this is the case why does it take you such a large amount of time to make it public. Doesn’t you think that you yourself have then fooled the Kashmiris for such a long time and have made them to believe as opposite? Who killed whom has remained a mystery upto now, but it needs a further clarification.If the people are following the killer, and you know the reality, you are answerable both to the people of land, and the Almighty hereafter.

4. In the same press conference u have tried to unveil another mystery by adding that “if we were going to relook at the past since nineties, that what these persons have done, then it will open a long book, and therein, will be the hands of people and the necks of these leaders” . Since every body has given sacrifices especially from nineties which you mentioned as a reference, every body is curious to know, what did actually you meant by such statement. It is a serious issue than the above three, because it seems that all of you are working in a chord to befool people, and what is going on behind the curtains is a mystery or you are using the same tactic, that you pull my leg and I will pull yours, which only adds the salts to the injuries of a common Kashmiri.

5. And then another irony, which I think again have gone un noticed that where u spoke the sentence which I have tried to put in the same essence as yours in the above comment, u mentioned the word “These leaders” in the end of this sentence. Whether it was accidental or heartly remark, but seeing the past I acknowledge that you didn’t consider youself as a leader upto now, which some people are very often hard to accept.Here I am not opening up the debate on this topic, as it would require an effort of Sanjay Baru of India to write a book labelled as “ Making of an Accidental Leader”. But any way it is appreciable, to make the public known to the fact that there is a difference between a leader and a growing leader or say chief cleric , intellect, or a family icon.

6. In the last you have said that the Hurriyat (M) is working for the solution of Kashmir, and whenever you approach anyone, you are labeled as traitor. Here I must say that since the time of my birth I am listening to such exaggerated claims made by your party, but have not got a single reason to believe in you and not call you a traitor. I must add that it was your party’s associate who called the UN resolutions outdated and u still give him a place on your left. He spoke against your own constitution but u put the ball in his court and didn’t uttered a single word and which led to the divide of your hurriyat, for that Shabir Shah and Nayeem khan besides parting ways with you slammed you in the public to which you again kept mum.People have given you a lot of chances, but to no avail. In fact the recent interview of JKLF chief Yasin Malik( who was then your partner) in which he said that you were the only person to know that what went in between you and Advani ( then home minister of India) in new Delhi. Whereas you mention that whatever you people do, you make it public, but it doesn’t seem so.Had it been the case, Shabir shah & Nayeem khan, who were the champions of the unity within Hurriyat factions, wouldn’t have made such a blittering decision that too at that important juncture. Mirwaiz sb something fishy is cooking, which u didn’t disclose to public either due lack of courage or personal reasons (benefits). Allah knows better!!!

7. In the above context that why are you being labelled as traitor, I as a common Kashmiri have many reasons besides those mentioned above.The prime important which I am sure you will called rubbish, is of WIKILEAKS, which if not is worth of full belief but partly no body can deny. The wikileaks in one of its report has disclosed that you were taking money from both Pakistan and India. At 2nd instant of time it said that you & your Hurriyat favoured hanging of shaheed Afzal Guru, but you were scared to claim it openly, seeing the mood in valley and threats of militants. Whether it is true or not, perhaps nobody will come to know, but certainly are the reasons for which people are confused and label you the traitor.

8. Secondly the statements of Shabir Shah and Nayeem khan
are enough evidence for the common Kashmiri to label any one as a traitor.thirdly, your separate dialogues with Pakistani and indian government at different points of time didn’t make any change( leave yielding any thing aside). What change I felt only, is that your associates either distanced themselves from your faction or changed their stances and statements like weather in Kashmir. Now please tell us what should we do? Whom should I believe? Them or you.

9. Then the most difficult thing for a common Kashmiri is to believe any one among your faction.see for example, Bilal lone(another accidental leader), whose whole family is fighting elections and he preaches election boycott. Mukhtar Ansari, brother of Abbas Ansari is another example. Proffessor Gani, who changes colors everyday like Mustafa kamal is no exception.Now tell the people whom should they follow?

10. And The most childish thing that I noticed in your whole press conference was that you mentioned that the person who has fought the elections twelve times and taken oath under the constitution of india has no right to raise fingers on others…it is regarded as a layman’s statement in Kashmir, but as of you it seems that either you are unaware of the history or just wanted to create an another confusion. For your sake , I may add here that it was not only SASG who fought elections, but the whole bunch of so called pro – freedom camp under the single banner, and if I am not wrong then your late father was also in the fray not only at that time but later on He made an alliance with Janta party of India. You answers to that? For the sake of convenience If we accept your point of view, then it becomes mandatory for you to measure all the people with the same rod. And then you must gain courage to call the UJC chief Syed Salahudin and ask him to leave the struggle, which I am sure you will not. So please let us know who is the real stake holder and if you are right , then put a decree on all those persons who had fought elections. We are waiting for a clarification on your part.

11. Lastly, I think it is not mandatory for anybody who has lost his brother, father, mother or sister to claim that he has given his kith and kin for freedom, because as you yourself have pointed towards SASG behind these killings, which means that it is a scuffle in between. And adding to this there are persons which now want vote for that blood, which I am sure you must be knowing. So whom should we believe to be legitimate; one who fights elections or another one who sits with you and preaches election boycott. This list includes Ikhwanis (surrendered militants) who got killed, militants who killed each other due to scuffle in between them, and the civilians killed by militants. So this adds more sugar to the already created confusion.

There is a lot to say, but knowing your busy schedule, I tried to cut it short. So my humble request to you and your associates is that please make the public aware about these grave issues, so that the plummet of ongoing movement is inhibited at its earliest & so can people decide what is right and wrong.


Mannan Wani
Note: this letter was written two years back, when this whole incident had taken place.